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Friday - September 26, 1997

Yet another standard day. I went over solving inequalities in Algebra II today. I'm not sure I did that good of a job, though. I totally forgot about the chapter test they had just taken so I hadn't planned on going over it with the class. A student reminded me of of it, though, so my hand was forced. This ate up a good 15 minutes.
    I tried something a little different during the "answers to the homework" session. Instead of just reading off the answers, I had students write their answers on the board. I've been finding lately that students just don't like to ask questions in front of the class. So I will read off the answers to homework, ask for questions, and get a total silence. I know that there are questions (I find that out for sure grading their quizzes) but nobody asks them. By forcing them to write out their answers, I am able to get wrong answers out in the open.
    With the chapter test and homework on board, though, I found myself seriously strapped for time. I suppose I could have split the lecture up into two days, but I wasn't sure if I could trust myself to do that on the fly. These things take planning. So I rushed through my lecture and finished only a few minutes before the bell rang. As a result, I am quite sure that I confused the heck out of a couple students in the class. We shall see on Monday...
    Algebra I was a little better. I lectured on multiplying monomials. I tried to get the class a little more involved by asking quite a few more questions. I first had them read off their answers to the homework (and worked a few out on the board, as a result). Then, while giving the lecture, I made a point of asking as many questions as possible. When I finished the lecture, I wanted to see if what I had said made sense to them. So I had the class do the Classroom Exercises orally. With the exception of a few minor arithmetic mistakes, they did very well on them. I'm going to assume from that that they actually listened and learned from my lecture! We'll see come quiz time on Monday...

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