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Thursday - October 9, 1997

Algebra I was almost fun today. I quickly went over their tests. As I said yesterday, they did roughly as they had expected so there was very few questions. I then launched into my lecture on graphing coordinate points on a plane. This was very much review for the class so I just skimmed through it. I then had the class do some board work and assigned them the homework. The homework required graph paper, which I had neglected to provide (mostly because I didn't know where Maureen hid it) and this caused a minor stir. One of the students was whining particularly long and I told her to "quit your bitching." This got quite a stir out of the kids. I forgot that such language isn't used at all in high school. Whoops.
    Well, they never really did settle down after that. They are a pretty good class, though, so I didn't try to stop the talking. I figured that if they got out of hand, I would clamp down. Short of that, I decided to just let them talk as they worked. I found out quite a bit of gossip during those 20 minutes. They started talking about how good (and bad... mostly bad) their teachers are. I almost told them to not talk about that while I was around, but since I wasn't contributing to it, I let them go. One of the good things I heard is that they (as a class) like me a lot better then Maureen's last student teacher. Hrm. I don't know who her last student teacher was so I can't comment on that.
    In both Algebra I sections, I just went over the tests. As I expected, it took all hour in both classes. I also collected their journal entries. After reading their journal's I scrapped my plans to teach much on Friday. More on that later...

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