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Friday - October 24, 1997

Maureen came in today. It turns out that she was sick on Wednesday and her daughter was sick on Thursday. Sounds like fun...
    In any event, I taught all the classes today. I'm comfortable handling both Geometry classes, so we decided that I might as well start officially doing both now. No problem.
    All classes essentially went as planned. I gave a quiz in Algebra I that took both classes the entire hour. The average score on the quiz was very high in both class. Nobody got less than a 'B' in 4th hour! 5th hour did have their usual number of 'D' and 'F' marks -- that wasn't a surprise -- but the overall average was around a 'B'. Not bad at all. I'm guessing that the reason so many people took so long to do it was all the extra credit I had on it. I included 5 points worth of extra credit, knowing that nobody would get more then 2 of the points. Getting more then that would have required that the students actually work on non-assigned work. That is, I told them exactly what problems would be on there as extra credit. I did not assign the work, though. You know, I could have even showed the class how to do all the problems and there would still have been only a few people who would have got the extra credit right! Either way, I was right. The most anybody got right was 2 (this person got a 32/30). Oh well..
    I almost forgot! I had my first test of the "stay with Mr Granroth if you're talking" rule. Roughly one minute after I announced the new rule, one of the kids kicked the seat of the kid in front of him. Not a smart thing to do. That earned him the dubious honor of being the first person to have to sit after the bell. He was the only one all day... but then again, I wasn't doing any board work, either. I think the big test will be on Tuesday or so.
    I let the Algebra II class work on their tests for about a 1/2 hour, as promised. After that, I went over their homework with them. I didn't assign much as homework for Monday.
    Geometry was a review/catch-up day. Both classes worked productively for the entire hour so I felt no need to assign "extra" homework to keep them occupied. We'll see how things are going on Monday.
    All in all, an interesting week...

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