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Wednesday - October 15, 1997

One day and counting until I teach geometry! I was looking over the section I will be going over tomorrow and it occurs to me that I am going to have to really stifle the urge to say something to the effect of "how could you not get this, you morons?" To say it is simple is an understatement. More on that tomorrow, I suppose.
    In Algebra II today, I covered slope. This is also review for most of them so we went through it fairly fast. I will be giving them a quiz covering the chapter from 3-1 to 3-3 (up to but not including slope) so I'll be able to see if they really are getting it.
    In Algebra I, I covered solving equations using multiplication and division. It uses the same basic steps as solving equations using addition and subtraction so I wasn't expecting very much confusion. I think I was right... well, I know they got it in 4th hour. It's possible that 5th hour got it. I'm going to have to go over the homework fairly carefully in 5th hour, tomorrow.
    Tomorrow could possibly be fun. A shop class is going on a field trip from 5th to 7th hour. Maureen and I looked at the list of people that will be missing Algebra I. To put it simply, every single troublemaker is going on that trip. The class should be a bunch of angels! I am thinking of doing some group work now that I will have the chance.

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