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Thursday - October 2, 1997

It seems that Maureen's lecture to 5th hour hasn't worn off, yet. More on that later...
    I wasn't convinced that 2nd hour Algebra II was "getting" how to solve inequalities with absolute values. A quick check of their homework showed that I was probably right. So I read aloud the answers to their homework and I had them split up into groups to work on them. In the meantime, I circulated around the classroom and helped out individuals and groups as needed. After about 20 minutes, it seemed as if most of the students were done. At this point, I had volunteers go up to the board and work out their problems without notes. By and large, they got the right answers. There were a few minor mistakes, but no mistakes that led me to believe that they didn't understand the material. I'm going to get a quiz from Lois to give to the kids tomorrow.
    4th hour Algebra I is one section ahead of 5th hour, so I spent the day going over homework with them. They were assigned quite a bit of problems and I had them work them all out on the board (no notes, again). I didn't see any huge misconceptions. To give them more practice (and to occupy them at the end of the hour), I assigned them the rest of the problems in those two sections (the "evens").
    5th hour almost started out on a bad note. I told the class to quiet down and I started talking... until I noticed that quite a few students were still talking, also. Not a good way to start this class. So I stopped and said something to the effect of "Hey, what's with all the talking?" in a fairly loud, exasperated voice. It worked. They shut up immediately. I'm thinking that they still have vivid memories of Maureen's talk. Good! I then lectured on adding and subtracting fractions. Most of this was review for them as they've been doing it for years, now. The only difference was the variables. After going over a few examples on the board, I had the class do the classroom exercises with me. I was satisfied from that that the class had, at the very least, a clue how to do them. So I assigned all the problems in the section. There was still quite a bit of time left over after my lecture, so I was sure nearly everybody would finish. This wasn't a bad thing. I wanted to see the class work out the problems with me there so I could catch their mistakes while they happened. I got quite a few questions... less so near the end of the hour. For the most part, the class did fairly good on the homework. I didn't have time to answer class questions at the end of the hour, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.
    All in all, another good day!

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