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Monday - October 20, 1997

I spend a lot of time working on lesson plans, grading papers, and just thinking about how I can improve my teaching. The end (or one of the ends) result of this is a day like today. Today was standard to the point of being boring. I lectured; the students learned (I hope). No surprises. I would have had a lot to talk about if I hadn't prepared like I did... but the day wouldn't have been fun. So what follows is my brief synopsis of my day.
    Algebra II: I lecture on constructing equations given such things as slope and point, etc. I then have the students work on the classroom exercises in class while I look over their collective shoulders. As far as I can tell, they understand the material and do fairly well at it. Of course, I thought so about the earlier material, too, and quite a few students bombed it.
    In the Algebra I classes, I lectured on solving equations with more than one step. It appears that they had already done that in 8th grade. Good. This should give them a needed boost of confidence. When I go over the quiz tomorrow, that should help, too.
    In Geometry, I played the "teacher as a guide" role. I split the class up into their groups and had them do the investigations. After clarifying a few points and prodding one or two groups into the right direction, I assigned the homework and let them go.

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